Platinum Rose 2 oz | 12 Pack Case



    Our tattoo aftercare balm accelerates skin hydration, healing and recovery also soothes and also lubricates, moisturizes, soothes and nourishes your skin. Many of our clients continue to use this product long after their tattoo has healed, to maintain maximum protection, crispness, color and longevity of their tattoo.

  • USES:

    Loved by tattoo artists worldwide (as well as their clients) Platinum Rose can be applied to the skin before, during and after the tattooing process. You can apply it to your face, arm, body, even your lips many people also use it as an everyday moisturizer, sunburns, minor cuts, scars, beard balm, diaper rash, dry skin, the possibilities are endless.


    100% all-natural, organic, cruelty, petroleum, & paraben-free ingredients with no synthetic chemicals or preservatives. Shea Butter (Butyrospermum Parkii), Cocoa Butter (Theobroma Cacao Seed), Cocoa Butter (Theobroma Cacao Seed), Aloe Butter (Bardadensis Leaf Extract), Avocado Oil (Persea Gratissima), Cetearyl Alcohol, Candelilla Wax (Euphorbia Cerifera), Stearic Acid, Vitamin E (Tocopherols), English Rose Oil (Parfum)

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Flora Skin Therapy — Platinum Rose | Case | 2 oz/12 units | Made for larger surface areas, applied 2-4 times daily for 4-6 days. (2 oz. Suggested Retail: $25.00 each)


Flora Skin Therapy’s Platinum Rose is a specially formulated advanced organic skin care product. Some benefits include its ability to accelerate skin hydration, revitalization and regeneration. It is hand-crafted from 100% all-natural and organic ingredients with no synthetic chemicals or preservatives.

Flora’s usage is diverse and can be used for anything from everyday moisturizer, sunburns, minor cuts, scars, beard balm, diaper rash, dry skin, tattoo before/during/after care… it’s possibilities are endless!


Use Platinum Rose Before Your Next Tattoo To Prepare Your Skin

Platinum Rose can be utilized for many things such as cosmetics, health and skin care. Ideally, before your session to help prep your skin’s elasticity and regeneration, we recommend using Platinum Rose on a daily basis one week or more before your first session.


Use During Your Session So You Can Sit in the Chair Longer and Reduce Your Healing Time

Platinum Rose is specially formulated for usage during the entire process, but is crucial while being tattooed. It dramatically reduces inflammation, irritation, redness, scabbing, itching, and skin trauma. All while the unique properties of rose essentials calms your nervous system.


Use After Your Session and Say Goodbye To Long Healing Times

First off, always listen to your artist! Platinum Rose helps your tattoos heal faster, keep your tattoo's crispness, and helps preserve your amazing body art longer! Say goodbye to 3-4 week healing times with Platinum Rose! It drastically accelerates your skin’s healing abilities and regenerates tissue rapidly while reducing inflammation, soreness, and redness. It is recommended after the healing process to regularly use Platinum Rose as needed to help maintain your tattoo’s crispness and promote it’s longevity.

Platinum Rose Featured Artists
We knew Platinum Rose Tattoo Aftercare was a great product when tattoo artists around the world started requesting more product more frequently. What started out as a single .25 ounce sample has turned into an awesome partnership with some of the best tattoo artists around the world. Every artist you see here uses Platinum Rose Tattoo Aftercare during the tattoo process and to preserve their tattoos the best way possible.

Josh Duffy

Black Castle Art Co. Arizona -


  Josh Duffy - Featured Platinum Rose Tattoo Aftercare Artist Josh Duffy - tattoo aftercare by Platinum Rose 


Benjamin Laukis

On The Road -




Cory Ferguson

Ontario Canada -


 Cory Ferguson - Platinum Rose Tattoo Aftercare Cory Ferguson - Platinum Rose Tattoo Aftercare Artist Cory Ferguson - Platinum Rose Tattoo Aftercare Artist 


James Strickland

Las Vegas, Nevada -


James Strickland - Platinum Rose Tattoo Aftercare Artist James Strickland Tattoo Aftercare by Platinum Rose James Strickland Platinum Rose Tattoo Aftercare 


Luke Palan

Las Vegas, Nevada -




Kaelin Chee

Traveling Artist -




Millan Younger

Oculus Tattoo – Melbourn, Australia -


Millan Younger - Platinum Rose Tattoo Aftercare Artist Millan Younger Tattoo Aftercare by Platinum Rose Millan Younger Platinum Rose Tattoo Aftercare 


Edger Marquez

Los Angeles, California -


Edger Marquez - Platinum Rose Tattoo Aftercare Artist Edger Marquez Tattoo Aftercare by Platinum Rose Edger Marquez Platinum Rose Tattoo Aftercare 


Quin Hernandez

Texas Inked, USA -


Quin Hernandez - Platinum Rose Tattoo Aftercare Artist Quin Hernandez Tattoo Aftercare by Platinum Rose Quin Hernandez Platinum Rose Tattoo Aftercare 


Travis Greenough

Closed Casket, Ontario, Canada -


Travis Greenough - Platinum Rose Tattoo Aftercare Artist Travis Greenough Tattoo Aftercare by Platinum Rose Travis Greenough Platinum Rose Tattoo Aftercare 


Jayden Pengilly

Parlour Tattoo, South Australia -


Jayden Pengilly - Platinum Rose Tattoo Aftercare Artist Jayden Pengilly Tattoo Aftercare by Platinum Rose Jayden Pengilly Platinum Rose Tattoo Aftercare 


Erin Porter

Alberta, Canada -


Erin Porter - Platinum Rose Tattoo Aftercare Tattoo Model Erin Porter Tattoo Aftercare by Platinum Rose Erin Porter Platinum Rose Tattoo Aftercare 


Jo Colette

Kingston, Niagara -





Arizona -




Mike Kenny 

Toronto, Ontario, Canada -




Poch Tattoos

Yucaipa, California -




Randall Meredith 

Sashiko Tattoo, South Australia -




Robert Pho 

Honolulu, Hawaii & Las Vegas -




Jasmine Rodriguez 

Bronx, New York -




Aaron King 

Black Harpy Tattoo  -




Brian Gonzales 

Ink Slingers Studio  -




Francisco Sanchez

Ink Slingers Studio  -




Steve Munoz - Tat_man10

Razteca Art Tattoo -




Jamie Lee Parker

Tribute Tattoo Studio -




Amy Pickles

Phoenix, Arizona -




Mike Devries

Northridge ca, Los Angeles -