Our Story

Committed to our Craft and Canvas
Because You Deserve Better.

Myself as well as fellow artist and buddy Josh Duffy, have been tattooing almost 30 years now. As Tattoo artists, we were never completely satisfied with the standard products at the time, some caused adverse reactions in our more sensitive clients due to harsher chemicals present in these products.

So, motivated by our cumulative 45+ years of expertise in the tattoo industry, Josh and I decided to commit to the notion of making our own product.

A product made with a purpose and designed with both the tattoo artist as well as the client in mind. We are proud to say that since creating Platinum Rose, an all-natural, organic, vegan friendly tattoo aftercare balm, we’ve never seen such incredible results during the tattoo process as well as in the healing process.

You deserved better and as your tattoo artist we too deserved better! By giving you Platinum Rose Tattoo Aftercare, we hope to better serve our clients, fellow tattoo artists, and the industry as a whole.

Josh Fields & Josh Duffy

About the team

Josh Fields

Platinum Rose Studio & Gallery, Artist & Owner.

Founder & Co-President of Flora Skin Therapy, LLC, Iowa.

Tattoo & Art Gallery
Josh Duffy

Black Castle Art Co Artist & Owner.

Co-President of Flora Skin Therapy, LLC, Iowa.

Tattoo & Art Gallery

Our Road to Authentic Organic Skincare

Optimal Healing Benefits

As tattoo artists, we understand the needs of the skin during the tattoo process. Careful to select specific sustainable, high-quality, vegan friendly and organic ingredients that do not harm the ecosystem, do not contain parabens and provide substantial and consistent results during and after the tattoo process.

Advanced Skin Essentials

Platinum Rose Tattoo Aftercare is the go-to-tattoo-aftercare for all types of tattoos. Some benefits include its ability to accelerate skin hydration, revitalization and regeneration. Ideal for prepping the area before your tattoo session, during getting tattooed and as tattoo aftercare.

Simple yet Effective

All-natural organic ingredients have been carefully orchestrated and combined to optimize the benefits of their properties. Platinum Rose's all-natural ingredients include Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Aloe Butter, Avocado Oil, Cetearyl Alcohol, Candelilla Wax, Stearic Acid, Vitamin E.