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Aftercare products have always been a load of BS to me. I've used so many different ones, but this is the only one that actually reduces swelling, redness, and begins to heal as well as soothe instantly. Get it! It's the Bomb! I use it during and after the tattoo. Nothing beats it! It is all I use!

JOSH DUFFY - Owner of Black Castle Art Co

Its's unique composition makes it easier for me as an artist by grossly reducing the amount of swelling on the skin, as well as the preservation of the stencil. I have noticed that my clients are more comfortable and report earlier and faster healing times. I would recommend this product to any serious, professional artist.

Dewy Smith Owner/Artist

I've used Platinum Rose for my tattoos but used some for a recent surgery on my incision and stitches. It not only reduce the swelling, redness and itching but when I went back in to the doctor 4 days later he was amazed at how advanced the healing process was. So I told him to check out Platinum Rose.