Flora Skin Therapy — Platinum Rose | Case | 4 oz/12 units | The 4 oz. jar is a convenient size for everyday usage. (4 oz. Suggested Retail: $40.00 each)


Flora Skin Therapy’s Platinum Rose is a specially formulated advanced organic skin care product. Some benefits include its ability to accelerate skin hydration, revitalization and regeneration. It is hand-crafted from 100% all-natural and organic ingredients with no synthetic chemicals or preservatives.

Flora’s usage is diverse and can be used for anything from everyday moisturizer, sunburns, minor cuts, scars, beard balm, diaper rash, dry skin, tattoo before/during/after care… it’s possibilities are endless!


Use Platinum Rose Before Your Next Tattoo To Prepare Your Skin

Platinum Rose can be utilized for many things such as cosmetics, health and skin care. Ideally, before your session to help prep your skin’s elasticity and regeneration, we recommend using Platinum Rose on a daily basis one week or more before your first session.


Use During Your Session So You Can Sit in the Chair Longer and Reduce Your Healing Time

Platinum Rose is specially formulated for usage during the entire process, but is crucial while being tattooed. It dramatically reduces inflammation, irritation, redness, scabbing, itching, and skin trauma. All while the unique properties of rose essentials calms your nervous system.


Use After Your Session and Say Goodbye To Long Healing Times

First off, always listen to your artist! Platinum Rose helps your tattoos heal faster, keep your tattoo's crispness, and helps preserve your amazing body art longer! Say goodbye to 3-4 week healing times with Platinum Rose! It drastically accelerates your skin’s healing abilities and regenerates tissue rapidly while reducing inflammation, soreness, and redness. It is recommended after the healing process to regularly use Platinum Rose as needed to help maintain your tattoo’s crispness and promote it’s longevity.

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