Tattoo Aftercare Made Right

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Why Use Platinum Rose Tattoo Aftercare?

Reduced Swelling and Irritation During the Tattoo Process

We needed a solution that will relax and cool the skin during extended tattoo sessions, allowing customers to sit more comfortably and recover more quickly and effectively.

A Lubricant to Reduce Friction and Promote Needle Glide

Rich in healthy fats and oils, needle friction over the skin is reduced without clogging tattoo needles or pores. Helping the skin take ink with less trauma.

An Effective Tattoo Aftercare that Maximizes the Skins Healing Potential

Petroleum & paraben-free and packed with vital nutrients that replenish the skin while providing anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial benefits for relief and cell regeneration.

Natural, Organic and Vegan Friendly Ingredients

Ingredients that are high in nutrients and work well together. Reducing waste that impairs the body's natural capacity to recover while remaining ecologically conscious.

Platinum Rose Tattoo Aftercare Single (8oz)
Platinum Rose Tattoo Aftercare Applicator Stick (0.5oz)
Platinum Rose Tattoo Aftercare Single (4oz)
Platinum Rose Tattoo Aftercare Single (2oz)
Platinum Rose Tattoo Aftercare Unscented Single (4oz)
By Josh Fields

The Platinum Rose Story

Myself as well as fellow artist and buddy Josh Duffy, explored a lot of tattoo items a few years into our professions; in fact, Duffy was kindly sponsored by practically everyone throughout his career. We were never completely satisfied with the results that industry standard products provided at the time, with some causing some adverse reactions in our more sensitive clients due to the harsher chemicals present in these products, such as...

Premium Tattoo Care


Aftercare products have always been a load of BS to me. I've used so many different ones, but this is the only one that actually reduces swelling, redness, and begins to heal as well as soothe instantly. Get it! It's the Bomb! I use it during and after the tattoo. Nothing beats it! It is all I use!

Josh Duffy
Owner of Black Castle Art Co

I use Platinum Rose on just about everything! Amazing organic product with so many benefits for the skin.

Anne Blanchette
Owner of Sugar Me Spa, Marion Iowa.

We've used and sold Platinum Rose at Ink witch Tattoo in Stroudsburg, PA for years. Nothing I have ever tried has come close to the quality of this product during the tattoo process or as aftercare

Meryl Hurwich
Tattoo Artist at Ink Witch Tattoo, Stroudsburg

Incredible product that I've been using for tattoo and overall skin care purposes.

Matthew Lukesh
Tattoo Artist, Cedar Rapids Iowa

Absolutely love this stuff. Great product for during and after tattoos.

Happy Customer

I touched the stuff and I was healed... physically and emotionally.

Exceptionally Happy Client

Awesome shizzy and goes a long way. Second tattoo I've used it on and I seem to heal faster.

Happy Customer