FAQS. General Information

Q: Why is Platinum Rose Tattoo Skin Care good for my tattoo?

The process of Tattooing can create extreme trauma including other conditions to the specified area of the skin during and after the tattoo process. Using the product during and after a tattoo has been introduced into the skin helps aid your body’s natural microbial Flora (good bacteria) that is inhabiting the skin. Giving the nutrient building blocks to strengthen plus fight off bad bacteria while supporting the body’s ability to stabilize the recurring natural Flora. Consider Platinum Rose Advance Skin Care the fuel for recharging your skin. Platinum Rose is formulated with simple ingredients in harmony to execute, regenerate damaged cells and replace nutrients lost during the healing process from tattooing. It is great for long after the tattoo has healed and maintaining healthy skin! With the appropriate natural minerals, fatty acids, vitamins working together to increase the longevity of your skin and the tattoo. Platinum Rose Advanced Organic Skin Care has a small percentage of natural SPF properties also. Use daily to keep your skin hydrated, healthy and extend the life of your Tattoos.

Q: What makes Platinum Rose products different than other products on the market?

A: Our Platinum Rose Advanced Organic Skin Care is specially formulated with food grade, organic quality ingredients. We love science and we have created a unique, one of a kind formula that is prepared using an innovative blending and cooling process that gives rise to its highly desirable properties without the use of additional chemical additives commonly found in other products!

Q: How do I care for my new tattoo using the product as an Emollient Balm or Tattoo Butter?

A: 1. Wash area of tattoo with warm-hot water, mild soap and rinse thoroughly. 2. Allow area of skin to air dry for 1-2 minutes. 3. Apply a very small amount of Platinum Rose Advanced Organic Skin Care to the tattooed area.4. Massage into the skin sparingly. Product will absorb leaving a soft luster on the surface. 5. Repeat steps 1-4 twice a day, 4-5 days consecutively. 6. After tattoo is completely healed apply daily in small amounts to hydrate the skin, keep tattoos looking bright and new!

Q: Does Platinum Rose test its products on animals?

A: Absolutely NEVER! We are supporters and avid donators to local shelters. We support the Wildlife Foundation as well. Our products are cruelty-free!

Q: Is Platinum Rose organic?

A: Yes! We use the highest quality of ingredients from our suppliers that pride themselves as strong supporters US Farmed Organic.

Q: What size of Platinum Rose is right for me? / How much do I use?

A: Platinum Rose is formulated uniquely, and the harmony of ingredients used in this balance while designed by nature the result is a dense yet thin viscos skin treatment that targets the areas of the skin with precision on the molecular level. A very tiny amount on your fingertip surprisingly goes a tremendously long way! Our .25oz is the smallest and excellent to use for small areas of damaged skin, chapped lips or a very tiny tattoo. 2oz is our popular pocket size, meets air traveling requirements when abroad, using it for multiple skin-related issues and can last a single individual a very long time. Platinum Rose comes in two larger sizes, a 4oz and 8oz. The larger sizes are great for those who purchase frequently. Most importantly the larger sizes are exceptionally useful for those in the Salon, Cosmetic, Spa, Barber, and Tattooing professional service industries. These industries can utilize the product to the full potential for their clients during and after services that are provided not including the retail options for these personal care service business owners, offering more to their customers. Even Competitive Athletes, Competition Weightlifters, Auto Repair Technicians use it frequently for treating damaged hands from scrapes, cuts, blisters or callus tears that need immediate repair. A range of multiple working environments when your skin needs hydration or crucial elements your skin desperately needs after minor damage.

Q: When do I use Platinum Rose?

A: Whenever you like! Platinum Rose is an excellent daily moisturizer. It is created to behave as a barrier balm or a lot like an emollient balm. Using a small amount daily is beneficial to maintain your skin’s Flora (normal microbial bacteria) and the natural ability to keep healthy skin balanced. Cuts, scrapes, burns, rash, poison ivy, mild eczema, mild psoriasis, hair softener, beards, makeup remover, skin conditioner or even a tablespoon in a hot bath can benefit your skin’s happiness.

Q: Is Platinum Rose only for tattoos?

A: No! Matter of fact, Platinum Rose is the only one of a kind Skin Care Treatment that has such a large range of uses. Since the skin is the body’s largest organ your skin requires a lot of attention. Even your hair is supported by the health of your skin. When in doubt, use Platinum Rose to treat your skin issues by simply apply, massage into the skin and repeat daily. Uses: Cuts, scrapes, burns, rash, poison ivy, mild eczema, mild psoriasis, hair softener, beards, makeup remover, skin conditioner or even a tablespoon in a hot bath can benefit your skin’s happiness.

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Yes, we do! We ship all over the world.

Q.How did Platinum Rose come to be?

A: The product developer formulated the product with the help of clients, colleagues and individuals from the scientific community in early 2010. At that time our fearless leader had a long astoundingly successful career for over 20 plus years as a local tattooist along with traveling across the globe for his clients as well. He felt a change was crucial for tattooed skincare and the need was urgent. A challenge was upon him and while maintaining his artistry an idea was born. Knowing it would be difficult however pursued his ambition he had gathered the tools and education necessary to create change in skincare. He wanted to create a better experience for his clients while they recovered from the amount of skin trauma endured during and after the tattooing procedure. A product that made the skin heal faster, healthier and most of all a smarter solution. Himself and a small group of friends, most of which at that time had already been working in the field of organic topical skincare developmental local manufacturing companies and including a few that were educated Botanists, all got together and set out on the pilgrimage to solve the world’s unhappy skin problems. Knowing they wanted to stand out, be unique, not gimmicky, and put a product together that truly works! Once all the countless hours were invested, research calculated, harvesting of quality organic ingredients, endless amounts of trial testing with close family members and friends the Platinum Rose Advanced Organic Skin Care’s unique formula was born.

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