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Platinum Rose Benefits

Clean, natural and organic ingredients like Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter and Essential Oils, nourishes & moisturize your skin while giving it the necessary nutrients it needs for healing, while also offering a natural alternate protectant for your skin from UV radiation, while providing some antiaging properties as well.

Our Whipped Butter utilizes the natural powers of Eucalyptus, Jojoba oil, Kokum butter, and Aloe Vera (among others) to reduce scarring and tissue damage when used within 2 weeks of getting your tattoo.

If used as directed for fresh tattoos, you will notice reduced irritation, swelling, redness and quicker healing times.

For healed tattoos, you will immediately notice that your tattoo looks and feels more vibrant. Once the product is absorbed you will notice a healthier sheen to your skin and with regular use, you will notice improved elasticity, natural oil production and moisture retention. Your skins strength will also improve.

The secrets to keeping your tattoos always looking amazing are making sure you get tattooed by skilled artists who cares about their work and their clients. That coupled with taking good care of your skin and body will prove to the game changer in how your tattoos heal and stand the test of time!

Platinum Rose was developed by veteran tattoo artists with 25+ years under their belts and who have used just about every product product on the market. With their experience and the expertise of talented chemists, they've formulated something special.

Platinum Rose all started because, two good friends and respected tattoo artists in the industry decided to create a product they would enjoy using, a product that was effective and made specifically for the tattooing and healing process so that their work as well as their clients art could have the best chances of healing as possible while also holding up over time.

Josh Fields & Josh Duffy felt that while tattoo technology was moving forward, tattoo products had been neglected.

At the time they'd both spent 15+ years using the industry standard products and have quite literally either been sponsored by or have used every product on the market and never felt satisfied with their results and effectiveness.

It wasn't until they polished the Platinum Rose formula did they feel their work and their clients had an ideal tattoo care option to turn to.

Platinum Rose Usage

In order to give yourself the best chances at healing your new tattoo, we recommended the following steps and have found that these steps work best for most people.

1. After leaving the tattoo studio, leave the bandage/wrap on for no more than 1 hour. Throw it away and never reuse or re-bandage your tattoo.

2. Wash your tattoo immediately after removing your bandage/wrap. Use only gentle anti bacterial soap and lukewarm water to help remove any plasma, ointment and bacteria.

3. Allow the tattoo to air dry completely, then apply a VERY thin layer of Platinum Rose.

You can wash your tattoo as often as necessary but, Platinum Rose should only be applied twice per day, once in the morning and once in the evening for the first 3-5 days after getting tattooed or until your tattoo forms a crust and becomes dry and flakey. This is normal.

This is the ideal way to use Platinum Rose to speed up and ensure a clean healing process as this is how it was designed to be use and has proven to give us as tattoo artists and our clients the best results.

4. During this time your tattoo will become dry and flakey. We strongly recommend that you DO NOT pick at or scratch your tattoo during this stage. This will this will cause damage to the skin and will hinder your healing results drastically and could cause infection.

Allow any lose skin, flakes and so on to fall off on their own. This will happen a lot during showers which is very normal.

5. When you notice the flaking has subsided to a near stand still and your tattoo looks almost waxy, stop using Platinum Rose and switch to a gentle, fragrance free lotion for the next 5-7 days.

Continue to wash your tattoo as needed and apply lotion on 2-3 times per day until the waxing phase has passed.

6. After two weeks, we like our tattoo clients to reach out to us and giving us an update on how they've healed as well as to determine if they need any touch-up work. Depending on your artist, we'd recommend reaching out and finding out whether they think you'll need beauty pass or any touch ups.

Quick answer is, NO!

Using the applicator stick on a fresh tattoo will cause cross contamination. This means you will contaminate the product inside the applicator stick by using is on a freshly tattooed surface because, your fresh tattoo is technically an open wound and by rubbing the applicator stick on it the balm will also pick up any bacteria and plasma that may be present on the surface of your skin.

That being said, during your later stages of healing more specifically after your peeling stage, you are clear to use the applicator stick if you'd like that non-touch application option.

Remember the cleaner the surface of the skin, the better the applicator stick option is for you.

In the beginning stages of healing your tattoo, we recommend specific step-by-step processes that have proven to work for our clients over the years.

You can find our step-by-step healing guide in our blogs posts and in here in our FAQ's.

Our Whipped Butters are ideal for providing a gentle application and offers increased hydration while still reducing swelling, bleeding and also increasing circulation without any harmful chemicals.

The whipped butters are also lighter on the oils which means it's a great option for a tattoo specific moisturizer giving you that extra nutritional factor for those tattooed areas that deserve a little extra love which helps your tattoos look their best over the years.

As for an application guide for freshly tattooed areas, we'd recommend following the same 6 steps we provide above in the "What do I do after getting a new tattoo"