The Why Behind What We Do

Josh Fields & Josh Duffy

Our Story

We are Josh Fields & Josh Duffy, experienced tattoo artists, creators of Platinum Rose Tattoo Aftercare, an all-natural, organic, and vegan-friendly tattoo aftercare balm. It all started because, we were dissatisfied with the industry-standard tattoo aftercare products containing harsh chemicals such as lidocaine that can cause chemical burns and negatively affect the healing process for clients with sensitive skin. Therefore, we decided to create our product.

Our tattoo balm is packed with superfood nutrients for the skin, providing healthy hydration, improving blood flow, and has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and anti-aging properties that speed up the physical healing process while reducing discomfort. Our goal is to provide the best natural, organic tattoo balm for comprehensive tattoo care.

To ensure the quality and consistency of our product, we collaborated with a team of qualified specialists to develop and manufacture Platinum Rose Tattoo Aftercare. We also established our manufacturing facility for our current and future product lines.

Our product offers tattoo rejuvenation, tattoo care routine, and tattoo repair cream benefits. It is non-toxic, organic, and vegan-friendly, making it the best tattoo aftercare product for those seeking natural and gentle care for their skin.

We are dedicated to providing the best tattoo aftercare on the market to our clients and fellow tattoo artists. We strive to develop and teach others about our experience in the industry and welcome criticism as we endeavor to serve the business and our community.

So, if you want what we think is the best tattoo skincare, tattoo maintenance, and tattoo healing products then, try Platinum Rose Tattoo Aftercare and experience the difference in your tattoo's appearance and longevity.